Neurology Utah


Pamela L. Vincent, M.D.
Doctor of Medicine - University of Wisconsin Medical School
Member - Utah Medical Association
Member - American Medical Association
Member - American Academy of Neurology
Medical Director - Integrated Healing Arts-Utah, LLC

Victoria Sucher, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopath
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Kindra Jacoby, PA-C
Physician Assistant
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Integrated Healing Arts-Utah, LLC
Complementary and alternative health care

Ownership Disclosure:
Pamela Vincent, M.D. maintains an ownership interest in Integrated Healing Arts-Utah, LLC (IHA-U). Patients of Dr. Vincent are not required to utilize IHA-U to which they may be referred for services. The services provided by IHA-U may be available elsewhere in the community. Dr. Vincent's office will provide an alternative referral upon request.
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